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  • Lack of Sleep Can Damage Your Skin

    Inadequate sleep can affect your skin.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: All About Skin

    The holidays are here!! Aren't you excited? If not, it may be because you haven't completed your holiday shopping or you are drawing a blank on what to get certain people.  No worries, we got you! There isn't a person in the world who doesn't want clear, healthy skin - so gifting them any of our suggestions is sure to be a hit.  
  • 5 Ways to Use the Chamomile + Calendula Eczema Cream

    The best products that work for eczema not only soothe, but also protect and heal – this is exactly what I had in mind when I came up with the Chamomile + Calendula Eczema Cream.  The two key ingredients are Chamomile and Calendula which do great things for not only eczema, but the skin in general.
  • Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless While You Feast This Holiday Season

    Now, before you fuss about being on vacation or with family, which means you want to slack – let me tell you why you shouldn’t slack on skin care during the holidays. 
  • 5 Skin Care Habits To Break!

    We are always so busy talking about what to do to your skin – that we fail to discuss what NOT to do to your skin.  Many habits can cause big problems for your skin. Here are a 5 habits to break ASAP!

    1. Scary Skin Care Myths

      When it comes to skin care, or anything really, there are some great myths that have circulated for what seems like centuries.  What works. What doesn’t. What’s good for your skin. What isn’t. Most of the time, the logic behind the myth can make sense – but the truth makes even more sense; because, well, its true. Here are a few myths that I love to debunk.
    2. The Fall Skin Care Holy Trinity

      When seasons change, the elements have different effects on our skin.  The cooler months bring lower humidity which is great for frizz control but is more drying for the skin.  With this in mind, there are three things you have to keep in mind when switching up your skin care routine for Fall.
    3. LOC Method – Is it good for the skin?

      Liquid, Oil, Cream – in that order.  We have heard of this method for keeping the hair healthy and hydrated but does the same method work for the skin?
    4. Help! My Skin Is Always Oily!

      If I have heard the above statement once, I’ve heard it a billion times. So many of my customers have oily skin (but Combination is my number 1) and all they want is to NOT have oily skin
    5. Preventing The Signs of Aging

      It is never too early to start the prevention process.  Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you. 
    6. Choosing A Skin Care Regimen

      Here is your mission – if you choose to accept it – choose the correct skin care regimen for YOUR skin.  How do you go about doing that, you ask? Well, it’s rather simple once you determine a few factors about your skin. 
    7. How To Love The Skin You're In

      There are only TWO things you need to make certain your skin is healthy.