Holiday Gift Guide: All About Skin

The holidays are here!! Aren't you excited? If not, it may be because you haven't completed your holiday shopping or you are drawing a blank on what to get certain people.  No worries, we got you! There isn't a person in the world who doesn't want clear, healthy skin - so gifting them any of our suggestions is sure to be a hit.  

Here are just a few suggestions of great products to gift this holiday season:

Travel Skin Packages ($45): For the traveler, jet-setter, or just the one who is afraid of commitment, our travel sized skin packages are perfect.  The simple 123 system makes it easy to start the journey of clear skin and take it with them around the world due to the TSA friendly packaging.  It is a daily package that allows them to cleanse, tone, and moisturize.  And we do not believe in one size fits all skin care so this set comes in 5 formulations for each skin type. 

Chamomile + Calendule Eczema Cream ($30): Know someone who has eczema, rosacea, or simply just sensitive skin? Give them the gift of comfort.  This product melts right into the skin, soothes itching, calms redness, and delivers happiness.  Safe for infants.

Rosehip + Chamomile Youth Serum ($75): For that person who already has a good skin care routine and you just want to make it great.  Great how? By giving them the fountain of youth in a bottle.  This power packed serum prevents, protects, and corrects - and it's never too early to start an anti-aging regimen. 

Men's Collection ($75): There isn't a man alive who cannot benefit from our men's line. Why? Because we have them all covered.  Show them what that beard do, or can do, by gifting them the Beard Kit.  This kit includes the beard wash, beard oil, and beard growth serum.  Is he nota beard guy? No worries, the Shave Kit will keep him groomed while keeping his skin calm and smooth.  This kit contains the shave cream, after shave tonic, and razor bump serum.  All items can also be purchased individually. 

Beauty Teas ($35): For the meditator, yogi, or any into self-care (or tea), these beauties will not only keep them zen, but also will have them attacking their skin issues from the inside for long term results.  Choose from Hormonal Acne (for those who get hormonal and stress breakouts), Anti-Aging (to increase the collagen production to reduce wrinkles), Sensitive Skin (for a good detox to keep the skin calm and reduce inflammation), and Acne (a good blood purifier to reduce breakouts). These are the real deal! Just ask around.

These are just a few of the items that will make great stocking stuffers.  Want more option? Click here.  


REMINDER: December 18th is the last day to order to receive before Christmas.  

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  • I have been using the beard wash,oil,and the growth serum,my beard does not dry out no flaking and no itching. I have only been using the products for 1 week and I see a difference. I will highly recommend these products to guy wanting to get his beard right

    Donnell Evans

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