Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless While You Feast This Holiday Season


The weather is cold and that only means one thing – IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!  Family is gathering from near and far, love is being shared and everyone is indulging in food and alcohol, laughter, and music. With this being such a care free time, we can easily slack on skin care – especially if traveling.  Now, before you fuss about being on vacation or with family, which means you want to slack – let me tell you why you shouldn’t slack on skin care during the holidays. 

Foods during the holidays are usually richer (which I am always here for – definite foodie here), the alcohol is usually very abundant, and the skin is very telling.  The main things you can expect, and prevent, from holiday eating is dairy (which can cause an overproduction of oil that causes breakouts), more sodium (which can cause puffiness and swelling), alcohol (which can be drying and dehydrating) and sweets (which can cause wrinkles).  The rule of thumb isn’t to scale back on the food you love, it’s to recognize the effects so you can prevent them.  It is always better to prevent than correct. Here is a breakdown of some tips you can use to prevent the effects of holiday eating:

Dairy/Breakouts:  Since you know you will be indulging in all the richness of holiday foods, be certain to you have your regimen handy.  The breakouts won’t happen immediately so as long as you stick to your routine, you should be fine.  Make sure you cleanse and detox your skin before bed with a good cleanser and clay mask (Multani Mitti Blackhead Clearing Mask works well with removing oil and unclogging pores) and also hydrate so your skin does not try to produce any unnecessary oil.  You can also combat the acne production from the inside prior to and the next day after all the eating with the Acne Toxin Eliminating Tea. 

Sodium/Puffiness: The key here is to reverse or prevent the swelling in the face so having a cold compress, like a jade roller, will come in handy.  The jade roller is naturally cold and massages the skin to reduce puffiness and swelling.  Grab your eye cream (Waking Beauty Eye Cream) before bed as well to prevent the swelling around the eyes. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are imperative here so drinking the Sensitive Skin Tea will help to deliver those benefits from the inside. Have a cup before bed.

Alcohol/Dehydration: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Alcohol and dry you out and we know dry skin is never in!  For this, after cleansing and exfoliating, tone and apply a sheet mask for 20 minutes. Follow up with a good moisturizer (Silk Milk Anti-Aging Moisturizer) and enjoy your spirits and supple skin.

Sweets/Wrinkles:  I love a good indulgence – and am a huge fan of sweets! When you are done with the cakes and cookies, get the wrinkle fighting trinity in hand and go to work. You want to combat wrinkles before they start so get to it when you start your regimen. The trinity consists of the Rosehip + Chamomile Youth Serum, Silk Milk Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Waking Beauty Eye Cream.  Use these daily and stay looking young forever!

Follow these tips and enjoy your holiday eating without regrets! What are your plans this holiday?

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