Lack of Sleep Can Damage Your Skin

Sleep can be a gift or a curse and we are always fighting over whether we should "sleep when we die" or "sleep like a baby".  I have always been #TeamSleep because I just love being rested.  Nothing annoys me more than being sleepy and restless. 

We all have seen what our skin looks like when we do not get enough sleep - puffy eyes, saggy skin, sallow skin, dehydrated skin, etc.  Why you ask?  Sleep is how your body resets without interruption.  If your body receives less than 6-8 hours per sleep, you can develop dark circles, sagging skin and wrinkles.  Fluids flow to the right organs and parts that need to be replenished. 

Lack of sleep produces more cortisol, which can lead to stress and inflammation of the body.  We all know any body issues can show up in our skin - it is our largest organ. While you're sleeping, your body is re-balancing it's hydration.  Wonder why you always have to urinate first thing in the morning? This is because the skin is recovering moisture while you sleep, and processing the excess water for removal. 

We can use all the anti-aging, hydrating products we like, but if we lack adequate sleep, we are battling our own progress.  So wash your face every night, hydrate with a good cream moisturizer and treatment products, and GO TO BED!

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