The Fall Skin Care Holy Trinity

When seasons change, the elements have different effects on our skin.  The cooler months bring lower humidity which is great for frizz control but is more drying for the skin.  With this in mind, there are three things you have to keep in mind when switching up your skin care routine for Fall.  The Holy Trinity is outside of your normal daily cleansing and sunscreen (because duh, this is a MUST for EVERY season), and includes:

  • Exfoliate
  • Detox
  • Hydrate

Exfoliate at least once a week depending on your skin type as well as the type of exfoliant you want to use.  Liquid exfoliants can be used daily, depending on how strong they are.  The Grapefruit + Chamomile Liquid Exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use but packs a great punch to get you soft, supple and glowing skin.  More abrasive scrubs should be used once, no more than twice, a week – don’t want to damage your capillaries.

Detox your skin with a good steaming followed by a clay mask – like the Multani Mitti Blackhead Clearing Mask.  The steaming will open your pores and the clay mask will draw out all the impurities in the skin.  When the weather cools, the skin can get tighter and drier, preventing the pores from excreting as normal.  The detox will get everything out the skin so it doesn’t have breakouts from being congested.

Hydrate every night with a good cream moisturizer to combat the drier texture of the skin. Using a good hydrating cream with anti-aging properties, as in the Silk Milk Anti-Aging Moisturizer, works as a two in one system.  Always apply your moisturizer on moist skin because the wetness preps the skin to receive the moisturizer more deeply.


These simple steps will make your transition into Fall seamless.  Let us know what your favorite Fall Skin Care Holy Trinity products are and remember – consistency is key!

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