Scary Skin Care Myths

MYTH: noun- a widely held but false belief or idea.


When it comes to skin care, or anything really, there are some great myths that have circulated for what seems like centuries.  What works. What doesn’t. What’s good for your skin. What isn’t. Most of the time, the logic behind the myth can make sense – but the truth makes even more sense; because, well, its true. Here are a few myths that I love to debunk:


  1. Dry out your oily skin to reduce oil production.

This is the main myth I always hear people do and STRONGLY believe.  It has been believed for a long time that to stop the oil production in your skin, you must get rid of the oil completely.  People – your skin is not a frying plan.  You do not have to strip the skin of the oil for it to be like new. Your body gives itself just what it needs – its self-healing.  Your skin is giving itself the oil it needs to prevent being dehydrated.  This reason alone is why you should not dry out your oily skin.  It’s counterproductive and will only trigger the body to produce more oil. 


  1. Hypoallergenic is best for sensitive skin.

Here is another definition for you: hypoallergenic means its relatively unlikely to cause a reaction. Thing is, it doesn’t mean it won’t cause a reaction, that its allergy proof or even that it is good for sensitive skin.  Some people with sensitive skin can be allergic to one ingredient and get a reaction. Some skin is so sensitive that anything new or different could cause a reaction initially until their skin adjusts. 


  1. Makeup with SPF is enough sun protection.

Ok – I know there are foundations on the market that include SPF in their formulas.  I also know that we are living in an era where fast and easy is key because instant gratification is glorified.  It all sounds like a great idea, until we end up with sunburn. The reason is that the amount of makeup you will have to apply to have proper protection is way more than the normal amount of foundation. Simply put, no one wears that much foundation.  It is best to apply a sunscreen prior to foundation and you can still rock your normal foundation with SPF. Win/win.


  1. Oily foods cause breakouts.

Putting oils IN your skin is not the same as putting that oil from greasy foods ON your skin. Eating junk foods like potato chips, fries and burgers don’t have any impact on the skin at all.  While there are foods that cause acne, greasy foods aren’t one of them.  So, enjoy your fries – just keep those greasy hands out of your face. 


  1. Oils are bad for the skin.

The reason this is a myth piggy-backs off the first myth we covered; simply put, the skin prefers oil so giving it oil helps it produce less oil.  The key here is giving it the RIGHT oils.  There are some amazing oils you can use on your skin and there are some that are not so great for the skin.  Good oils: Jojoba, Rosehip, Grapeseed, Avocado, Camellia.  Not so good oils: Coconut, Mineral, Olive.


Now that those myths are out of the way, you can share the wealth and even win an argument or two and be crowned the king/queen of skin myths.  Just kidding – but you know better now, so do better.  Until next time…

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