Waking Beauty Eye Cream

Waking Beauty Eye Cream

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Wake up to bright, refreshed and youthful eyes. The first sign of aging shows in the eyes – from under eye discoloration and bags to dryness and wrinkles. Waking Beauty Eye Cream will reduce dark circles and wrinkles while keeping the delicate eye area hydrated and youthful.

Ingredients: Olive Butter, Rosehip, Licorice Root, Green Tea


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Coffee with My Beauty Cream

I’ve suffered with dark circles under my eyes for years now, and I have tried every single over the counter and homemade regimen you can think of! I’ve even considered cosmetic surgery to get rid of these dark circles just to feel comfortable in my own skin! When I saw the Beauty Waking Cream I was a smidge hesitant, but decided so had tried everything else, why not! Now, I’m being patient with my skin, and adding better foods and more water into my diet, but I can see a change in the discoloration under my eyes! I’m looking forward to the results after long term use of this product, and truly hoping I can say goodbye to these dark under eye circles for good!

Great Product

Great Product

Love this stuff

It's so moisturizing. It's my favourite item from the line.

Love this product

I love using this eye cream. It’s very hydrating without being greasy. I can wear it under my concealer. Thanks Andrelle’s Natural skin care

This actually works!!!

I have tried multiple eye creams and masks and most of them were okay. I got this not expecting much and just hoping that it would at least feel nice on that skin as my under eyes tend to feel very tired and heavy. I used it literally 3 times MAYBE, sparingly, and I went to put it on this morning and was shocked at how visibly reduced the darkness was. Under makeup, even a simple bb cream, it provided a great lasting base. I will def be repurchasing this in the future!