Reassurance Muscle Relieving Tincture

Reassurance Muscle Relieving Tincture

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Muscles screaming in pain from workouts, injuries, or anything in between? Looking for relief without side effects? This blend of pain relieving herbs is just what you need.  A specific selection of herbs that have amazing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties to bring you relief with a small dose.


Ingredients: Peppermint, Clove, Lemon Verbena, Rosehips, Alcohol

Customer Reviews

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Hillary Beamon

I still haven’t gotten my order. ☹️

It appears your order is scheduled to be delivered today. In the future, you can always contact me for updates if you have order concerns.

George Ward
Pain Killer

Definitely appreciate the timely shipping as well as the overall effectiveness of the product. I deal with lower back issues and this has helped to alleviate that pain!

Powerful & Magical

Soreness just went with certain activities in my life. Deep tissue massages being one of those activities. I used to be sore or tender to the touch the next day as if I worked out. Now I take the tincture before (sometimes after) my massage and the next day I am fine! The first time I was in true disbelief. That soreness was just a part of the massage, but now I get all of the good out of my massage experience without the soreness thanks to this tincture. I never thought a product like this exist… NATURAL & POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE!

Ken B

I have dealt with lower back and leg pain for some time. I didn’t like the side effects of the gabapentin that I was prescribed and weaned myself off of them. I resorted to using Aleve to try to get some relief. I took a few drops of Reassurance not expecting any relief for my issue. Several hours later I realized that I didn’t have the pain and stiffness that usually followed after yard work. Now, whenever I get sore and stiff back muscles after biking and/or exercise, Reassurance is the bottle I reach for first. IT WORKS.

Zarnell Burrell
Fast and lasting pain relief

I have been using the product for two months. The most amazing and gratifying thing is when you take it the pain just melts away, and the relief can last for several days.

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