Creamy Coffee + Sugar Scrub

Creamy Coffee + Sugar Scrub

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A face and body scrub that will wake up your skin and your senses! Coffee grounds are great for reducing cellulite and puffiness – the caffeine works wonders! Paired with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil to allow deep hydration and calming of hyper-pigmentation. Sprinkle a little Vitamin E for yummy goodness!!

 Ingredients: Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Coffee, Brown Sugar

Customer Reviews

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Ranata W.
I finally understand the coffee hype!

So listen, all I’ve ever heard about as a child is starting your day with a cup of
“Joe” and when I got of age, I honestly didn’t get the hype but after using THIS, I completely understand. I am a believer. I am now a coffee enthusiast. Typically, I don’t believe in playing favorites with my skin care procure because they are all top tier, but THISSSS??? This is indeed the one. This scrub is the best part of waking up (in true Folgers fashion). When HER said, “you’re the coffee that I need in the morning,” I’m wholeheartedly convinced that she was singing about this scrub. My favorite thing about this product is that it removes the dead skin all while moisturizing and I absolutely love that. This exfoliator scrubbed my sins away. I would def recommend.

Ashley Livous-Wilson
Great Exfoliation

This purchase was just an impromptu buy with no expectations. What I received was what has become a staple in my weekly self care routine. I am an extreme eczema sufferer. My face often is covered in a dark film of dead skin that refuses to shed. The creamy coffee +sugar scrub helped to lift that film in one use. It leaves my skin soft To the touch with a perfect glow. The smell for this coffee lover is intoxicating! This is a product that I will purchase again and have already started to recommend to family and friends. Great Job!

Magic in a jar!!!

From the first day of use your skin is noticeable smoother! After two weeks a noticeable brighter glow! I’m a bi-weekly user and I love this product!

New favorite!

This scrub is fantastic. I use it twice a week and I seriously look forward to it every time, it has become my favorite part of my skincare routine. It smells awesome, feels luxurious, and really does a great job exfoliating. Absolutely recommend!

Leina Duncan
Coffee in the Morning

Now I’m already a coffee lover, so the scent of this facial scrub is everything! I love the way it makes my skin feel moisturizer after and not dry like most facial scrubs I’ve used in the past. And the smell alone will wake you up if you’re not a morning person! Definitely going to be purchasing this item again!

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