Skin Care Tips For The Traveler

At this point in the year, traveling has happened, is happening or is about to happen. Its Summer so it’s pretty much inevitable. We love the idea of seeing new places, trying new foods, and partaking in new adventures – but have we ever thought about how these things we love can affect out skin?


Here are a few ways traveling can affect your skin and how to avoid it:


Flying can dehydrate your skin – literally.


Yes, we know it is grand to board a flight to a new destination, but let’s think about what happens once you’re on that plane. You slide into your seat all ready for take off and you get a little uncomfortable when it comes to the air temperature. This is because the air on the plane is very drying and closed off – which explains why you leave the plane looking a little less fabulous than when you boarded. To combat this, carry a small mist spray (any of our travel sized toners will do) and nice creamy moisturizer (Silk Milk Anti-aging Moisturizer). Mist the skin lightly and then apply the moisturizer while in your seat. This will help to wake up, refresh and hydrate the skin.


The Sun is everywhere – stay protected.


Whether you’re going to the Bahamas or Finland, you need sunscreen. This is becoming pretty common knowledge. What people aren’t thinking about is the amount of direct sun exposure from simply sitting on the plane. Those window seats are great until you think about how much you’re exposing your unprotected skin to the sun for hours on end. Prevent extreme sun damage by applying SPF (Lavender + Carrot Seed Sun Protectant) before leaving the house as well as while on the plane – and enjoy the view in peace.


Jet Lag and time zone changes can cause lack of sleep.


And lack of sleep means puffy, dark eyes. Here’s how to prevent and combat that issue: apply an eye cream that helps decrease the puffiness and discoloration to the eye area in small, gentle, circular motions. The Waking Beauty Eye Cream contains Green Tea Extract to aid with puffiness as well as Licorice Root Extract to help with discoloration. So stay up late and wake up early with no worries!


Climate changes can put your skin into shock mode.


We love changing the scenery as well as the climate we live in – but changing them so quickly can cause the skin to go into shock. Going from humid heat to dry cold can send signals way too fast to our glands and cause them to panic. Here is where we have to know how to combat the effects. If you’re going from hot to cold or humid to dry, be sure to have a heavy moisturizer (like the one mentioned above) as well as a nourishing facial oil (Avocado + Green Tea Hydrating Facial Oil) and be sure to apply before leaving the plane and every night before bed. Add in a sheet mask for good measure.  If you’re going from dry to humid, you won’t need extra hydration, but you will need to clean your pores. A good cleanser that deep cleans without stripping the skin (all of our cleansers are ideal here) every night and a good detox mask (Multani Mitti Blackhead Clearing Mask) every 3 days will help keep your skin in order. Always follow with a hydrator of some sort.


New places can bring new breakouts.


Increased pollution, different water (harsh vs soft), hotel pillow cases, new foods – can all play a part in a travel breakout. Be sure you have an ironclad regimen packed in your carry-on. Our Travel Sized Skin Packages are perfect for these events. They are #TSAApproved and pack a mean punch in such little bottles. Our masks are also #TSAApproved so don’t forget your detox sessions. Now you can go eat all the food and take in all the elements without added stress.


The next time you travel, be sure to check this post to make sure you’re covered. We don’t want to see vacations or work trips ruined by skin issues.


Share in the comments what your “go-to” skin care preparations are when you travel, and what new ones will you implement after reading this post?


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