Preventing The Signs of Aging

Ok ladies and gents, here is a topic that is pretty widespread but most don’t truly understand what it is/means.  Everyone wants everything anti-aging but most don’t know why.  They are believing the “hype” – and you know what, THEY SHOULD! Here is why in one sentence: It is never too early to prevent the signs of aging.  It is always better to prevent than to cure; think about it – would you rather prevent the flu or get the flu and try to cure it?  Yeah, I thought so.  This same mindset should go with your skin care routine.

Before we go deeper into discussing what products do to prevent signs of aging, let’s discuss what those signs of aging are, shall we?

The most common sign of aging is *gasp* wrinkles.  Wrinkles are, in a nutshell, a line or fold in the skin (and clothes but we aren’t talking about fashion today or our lack of ironing).  Sun damage, smoking, dehydration, some medications, as well as a number of other factors can possibly cause wrinkles to develop.  Ultraviolet radiation will speed up the growth of premature wrinkles.  Smoking causes the blood supply to the skin to reduce which causes wrinkles as well.  Now, if you just cannot give up your sun and cigarettes, add products to your arsenal that will counter the effects (more about that later).

Other signs of aging are loss of density (fine, delicate skin), loss of volume (sagging skin), age spots (blemishes, sun spots) and dull skin (lack of vibrancy/hydration). All these factors can physically age you, but they also can be prevented.  Keep the skin toned, hydrated, and protected and look younger longer. Moisturize DAILY! Keep the skin clean.  Use products with healing properties to add to the benefits.  Be mindful of what you are putting on (and eventually in) your skin.  Understand the chemicals you are using, what they do and what the effects are (side effects included) – or use products with all-natural ingredients (beware of allergies – don’t use products containing rose water if you are allergic to roses).  You want to use products that will do all the things discussed here (cleanse, hydrate, tone and brighten).

Andrelle’s have products available for all these issues and many more.  For those that care, here they are:

Truly Timeless Cleanser – to cleanse while preventing wrinkles and age spots

Camellia + Carrot Seed Renewal Facial Oil – for dullness

Lavender + Seaweed Toning Mask – to tone and tighten

Papaya + Sandalwood Dark Spot Treatment Serum – to battle age spots

Silk Milk Anti-Aging Moisturizer – to prevent and diminish wrinkles

Remember, it is never too early to start the prevention process.  Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you.  Drink plenty of water and keep it clean and hydrated – from there, it’s easy peasy.  What are you currently doing to prevent aging in your skin?  What is your routine?  Share.

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