Hormonal Acne Hormone Detox Beauty Tea

Hormonal Acne Hormone Detox Beauty Tea

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Imagine clearing up stress acne by not stressing about your acne because you have a tea that keeps your stress acne to a minimum. That is what this tea is all about. Enjoy a special blend of carefully selected herbs to assist with the effects of hormonal and stress related acne and aids in hormonal balance by detoxing the liver to get the back up of hormones moving.

Ingredients: Burdock, vitex berry, dandelion, licorice root, red clover, cinnamon, orange, and lemon. 

Customer Reviews

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Nadia Jones
The benefits are amazing!

Being a teenager, my hormones can cause acne and make it harder on my skin. This tea is not only flavorful but this helps with my menstrual cramps and clear my skin. I am never going back from this product.

Monique Duncan
The best detox ever!

The Hormonal Acne Hormone Detox Beauty tea works wonders! I have recommended it to family and friends.

Emily Dimant
Changed my life

The hormonal acne tea saved me from what felt like impossible to erase acne. I saw results nearly right away. Not only did it clear up my skin but it relieved my pms symptoms. I am addicted!

Lynette Berry

I am a new customer of Andrelle's and I must say now I am a loyal customer. I purchased the Code Switch, Hormonal Acne, and Anti-Aging Teas. Since I have horrible PMS, breakouts, and an overall awful period experience every month, I was excited to try the Code Switch and Hormonal Acne teas after hearing great reviews on the products. I am happy to report that both are awesome. The first time I tried the Code Switch I was experiencing some mild cramping. I dranked the Code Switch tea and my cramping eased up before I even finished the cup. The Hormonal tea has helped the redness and pain of my current acne. Both are delicious. I drink them straight; no honey, no sugar, no lemon, nothing. I have yet to try the Anti-Aging tea yet.
Andrelle's is A1. Great products, great customer service, and a black-owned business. I will definitely try some other products when they are back in stock. If you are questioning purchasing, just get the tea while you can. Andrelle's products are great and they sell out fast. It may not be there next time you look.

Toya Boudy
Changed my Pms symptoms!

During a consultation I was expressing my issues with PMS symptoms and Krystal recommended that I try this tea because the same things in the tea would regulate my hormones and calm me down. After trying it for a few days during my cycle, I noticed immediate relief. So at that point I thought why don’t I just take it the entire month daily and see if it changes my cycle all together. It did! I couldn’t even tell that my cycle was coming by mood or discomfort. So the next month I wasn’t as diligent with drinking the tea and I am four days away from my cycle and you definitely know that my cycle is coming with my mood my cravings and discomfort. I swear by this tea I’ll be trying the tincture next to see if I’m better discipline wise with the drops. TRY IT!

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